Smokey Eyes Eyeliner Grey

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The Aden Smoky pencil is a wax-based pencil. The texture is specially designed for painting smoky eyes. Classic black, more solid gray and can also be used for daytime makeup in brown colors. The wax base makes it glide easily and create an even smoky base. It does not dry up, you can satirize it for a long time. Well secured, it does not clump. Contributes to the durability of make-up. We draw the desired shape evenly on the eyelid, primed with eye base. If we want a narrow smoky eye (small circle), a thicker line around the eye will be enough.

If you want a smokier effect, you can even line the entire moving eyelid, down to the deeper line. We must be careful that if we do not satirize the edges of the pencil, we will not get a smoky effect. At the edge of the pencil painted part we must also leave space for writing. If we draw the shape very high, we will not have space to write it and it will reach the eyebrows wrongly. So once you've drawn the pencil, use the cone applicator at the end of the pencil or use a flat brush to saturate it and make the edges smoky. It is important that the smoky effect is expressive only if you also apply satire to the lower eyelashes. The finished pencil base should look like the finished makeup. If it's not right, it's easy to fix with an earpick. Then fix it with eye shadow. Apply the eyeshadow powder of the desired color to the pencil part with an applicator or a flat brush.

And on the satirical pencil part we "smoke out" the eyeshadow with a satirizing brush. If you apply a natural, light eyeshadow on the brow bone under the eyebrows, it will be easy to create a smoky effect, because dark and light powders can be easily satirized. It can be exciting if you use an eyeshadow that doesn't perfectly match the color of the pencil. You can also use black eyeliner for a burgundy or dark purple powder. It is also exciting to add an iridescent pigment to the pencil base. The pigment will be a different color in the area where there is a pencil and another where there is only eye base. You can make satire without using more eye shadow.


Iron oxides, ferrous, mica, cyclopentasiloxane, synthetic wax, isododecane, polybutene, hydrogenated cottonseed oil, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) seed oil, ceresin, ozokerite, microcrystalline wax, tocopherol, ascorbyl palmitate, propylparabe

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