Lip Oil Aden Cosmetics Benelux Strawberry 01

Aden Cosmetics' amazing new lip product has arrived!

Say goodbye to dry and dull lips! Here is our new Jelly Lip Oil that gives your lips a luminous shine. This product will ensure a delightful experience, thanks to its light and nourishing formula that visibly enriches and hydrates your lips.

The secret formula not only nourishes your lips with the most up-to-date ingredients, but it also provides a unique and pleasant feeling, and cushioning consistency. Moreover, this lip oil, provides a lovely, extremely high shine to your lips!

How to use:

Did you know that you can use this amazing lip oil both Day and Night? Well yes, yes you can!

DAY: simply use it as a caring lip gloss or as a caring topcoat over another lip product to add a

luminous effect!

NIGHT: for more beautiful lips when you wake up, apply it before going to bed on cleansed lips.

Available in 3 shades and flavours:

Red Berry – Red shade

Peach Please – Light peachy shade

Forest Fruit – Light purple shade


Choose a variant:

6.25 €