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Eye pencil

Most women don't go out without beautifully defined eyes. Understandable, because lined eyes let the eyes speak and ensure that you will steal the show everywhere! Whether you want a thin, fine, coarse or thick line around your eyes, you need a good eye pencil for a perfect result.What is a good eye pencil?With a good eye pencil you can quickly, easily and safely apply a line around your eyes. It is of course important that you buy the best eye pencil that perfectly meets your needs. Yet there are a number of qualities that every eye pencil needs. For example, it is important that an eye pencil is soft, has good pigment and is able to draw a clean line.

Types of eye pencil

What is important when choosing the best eye pencil is of course how you want to use it. Each type of eye pencil has its own texture, method of application and effect. For example, you can opt for a powder-based kohl pencil. This gives a less intense effect and is a good choice for a smokey eye, for example. A variant that is very easy to apply is eye pencil on a cream or gel basis. These provide an intense color and can be applied very precisely. You get the most intense effect from a liquid eye pencil, also called eyeliner. These often have a felt brush, which also allows you to apply eyeliner very precisely. The tip of the eyeliner can vary from very thin to very thick. Here too, the choice you make depends on the intended effect.

Use eye pencil

There are different ways to use the eye pencil. The most common is to use the eye pencil above the eye. You work from the inner to the outer corner of the eye and stay as close to the lash line as possible. This method makes your eyelashes appear fuller and your eyes larger. You can also choose to apply eye pencil under your eyes. To make your eyes look bigger, start at about the center of your pupil and work your way to the outer corner of your eye. The use of eye pencil on the waterline is also common. You can also give free rein to your creativity and go for a cat eye, for example. We hope you enjoy your search for the best eye pencil!

Waterproof Eyeliner

It's the weekend, and that only means one thing: partying with the girls. Time for an outfit change. A floral dress, sunglasses and sandals are the perfect match for the event. And don't forget your make-up. You decide to go for a simple look by drawing some lines with an eye pencil and adding some mascara to your eyelashes. Perfect.

After the event you decide to get dressed again for the house parties. A blood red short party dress will make everyone admire it. With a matching handbag and high heels you already look attractive. Just your make-up for a complete look. This time I decided to go for a "smoky cat eye" look using just your eye pencil. Now you are ready to go.

Luck is not always on our side, because on this particular evening the storm decides to break loose. Apart from that, you don't have an umbrella with you at all. And you haven't even gotten out of the car yet. What rotten weather! What an unlucky evening! And yet you take a chance on running out of the car. The rain has caused all of your eyeliner to run through. Shortly after you have fixed your makeup again, your eye pencil starts to run again due to the heat of the party. Couldn't the evening be worse? Isn't there a better eye pencil that can end this situation? As if your cry for help had been heard, a lady comes over and smilingly offers you an envelope with an eye pencil in it that says: "Aden Cosmetics Waterproof Eye Pencil"

What is Aden Cosmetics Waterproof Eye Pencil?

The Waterpoof Eye Pencil from Aden Cosmetics Benelux is one of the best waterproof eye pencils on the market. Due to the fine and soft texture, it glides easily and perfectly along your lash line. The different colors make your eyes look more attractive. The eye pencil is waterproof so it does not fade and bleeds through water and heat. It has been dermatologically tested and is also vegan and paraben free. It is a must have in your make-up bag.

About this eye pencil:

-It's waterproof

-Remains in place for a long time

-Gives a beautiful color

-Vegan and paraben free

-Dermatologically tested

A few tips for applying the eye pencil

- "Cat Eyes" is done by drawing a beautiful line at the base of your eyelashes

-For a more subtle look, apply eyeliner under your eyes

-For a dramatic look, you can surround your entire eye with the eye pencil

What is BB cream?

You've probably heard about this before, or maybe you use it yourself. But what exactly is a BB Cream? BB Cream stands for Blemish Balm Cream, it is available as a nourishing foundation or a simple all-in-one cream. The Cream is a moisturizer and contains SPF. This hydrates the skin, reduces blemishes and protects you from the sun. What the most important points are when it comes to good skin care.


Hydrating the skin is very important. Now you may be thinking that drinking enough water is a lot cheaper and will probably have the same effect. But unfortunately this is not entirely true. Drinking water is indeed very important and certainly good for the skin, unfortunately drinking water alone is not enough to keep the skin well hydrated. In winter, for example, your skin has to deal with a lot of wind and rain. The difference from outside to inside and vice versa is a major culprit for dry skin. But even in the summer, when the humidity is a lot lower, your face suffers from this a lot. Water is a good support for your entire body. But a moisturizing BB Cream can be a little more specific.


BB Cream also contains SPF, often with a factor of between 25 and 50. This protects your skin against the harmful effects of the sun. It is very important for your skin to use this daily in the morning. And yes, also in winter. The sun has the greatest skin aging effect. And since the sun also shines in winter, it is still good to use a product that contains SPF in these cold months. It is very treacherous since in the past we are often used to only applying sunscreen to the pool, beach or during a summer walk. These are indeed the moments where your body can burn very quickly, especially with a lighter skin color. But first of all, your face has much thinner and more sensitive skin than the rest of your body. And secondly, your face is almost always exposed to the sun, where your body is often covered with clothing. A nice BB Cream has the right SPF factor to protect you all year round, without the sticky and strong-smelling effect of normal sunscreen.

Can I also use BB Cream?

My simple answer is, yes.